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Multi-page website capabilities:

  • Multiple web pages, infinite spaces to display an overview - services in detail - previous works - customer reviews - blog - means of communication and places of presence .. and others.
  • Implementation of the latest designs that reflect your field of work, taking into account the brand of each organization.
  • Implement the basics of SEO to support search engine optimization and thus the opportunity to appear in search results.
  • A page dedicated to adding articles to provide tips and methods of use and solve problems in order to become a reliable source with the advantage that it is one of the most important factors for improving SEO.
  • HTTPS certificate with SSL protocolto protect the site from hacking and thus permanent security and preservation of visitor data and the consequent building of trust.
  • Domain and hosting including the price every 3 years to support our customers with a longer continuity period on the Google platform..
  • European hosting servers to get a fast website.
  • official e-mails starting with 5 or more e-mails especially in the name of the company or organization for the administrator and employees to maintain the corporate identity and privacy of the exchanged messages.
  • The site is responsive for all computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones of all sizes.
  • Supporting the website in Arabic and English.
  • Reservation page for online chat to facilitate communication with visitors.

Plus, available customize.

Advantage you have for having a multi-page website:

  1. Have a convincing business identity:
    Owning a domain (https// bearing the name of your organization on the largest search platform Google is one of the strongest competitive opportunities and is working to build a compelling business identity.
  2. Expand your target audience:
    The website serves as an official headquarters located all over the world, spatial communication with Potential customers, regardless of where they are located, and thus opportunities for broader targeting And more sales.
  3. SEO:
    Your basic website can start improving Search engines "SEO" and the appearance of your services in the first results of Google.
  4. View your previous work:
    It builds confidence and facilitates purchasing decisions for your customers, thus increasing the chances of increasing sales.
  5. Get the data:
    Enables your site to collect the largest database of potential customers that you can contact And target them in your funded ads later, ensuring a high purchase rate
  6. Obtain Google Analytics:
    One of the most important analytical tools to know the needs of your customers and the service with a high demand for development and provide the best.
  7. You look professional:
    It makes your business look more professional. It gives the impression that you are serious about dealing with all kinds of clients
  8. Always available:
    The ability to find you at any time and anywhere, even outside working hours, thus avoiding loss Customers ahead of your competitors due to offline mode.
  9. Exchange of information in its simplest form:
    The website provides a quick and easy way to communicate information between buyers and sellers Through content, photos and videos.
  10. Makes you a source of confidence:
    Contributes to building your reputation as an authority in your field through the "Blog" section to showcase your expertise And advice and solutions to the problems of your customers and build a strong relationship with them.
  11. Building credibility:
    Where potential customers in this age will not trust a company that does not have a website and email address.
  12. Sharing contact information:
    If someone knows your project exists, but they don't know how to access it, you will lose At once, your website therefore includes the address of your store or business and several ways to reach you.

The advantage of having a multi-page website from Method:

  • Use the proprietary programming languages of Microsoft Corporation, the largest software manufacturer in the world To achieve a high level of quality for institutions and companies.
  • We provide free follow-up support and maintenance throughout the year through our support team.
  • We guarantee you future development through programming special codes that can be developed and modified.
  • The design is created from scratch after conducting the necessary studies to choose the most suitable for each institution
  • We provide you with the most important tips for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • We can implement any programming ideas that serve your business.
  • We provide you with all the information and tools that help you analyze your website for development based on these results.

Our App Development Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Requirement Gathering

The first stage in a method begins with a strategy for each client in which projects are extensively studied with a capability analysis in details to access the type of Website appropriate for the business domain
In addition, data and information are collected by the client to determine the view to achieve the branding



The second step is to convert the information and search results into a mapped plan that outlines the design of the Website in terms of:
department classification, Content viewing locations, Design Appropriate for viewing business precedent, web pages, features, specifying communication methods.



The third step implements the Prototype phase by Coding with strong Microsoft programming languages to create HTTPS protected websites,
In addition to performing the setup process by displaying the project data and content with a unique design showing the branding.


Support & Maintenance

The last step, which is based on promise, is the most important stage where our customers are supported by features that achieve their goal
Consulting by marketing manager, troubleshooting, and finishing the editing with a team of software engineers
Sites are managed and continuous follow-up is done throughout the year.